Ideas, Concepts and Dramatic Questions

One more week until school is back. Just seven more sleeps until the morning that I wave my kids off to school, brew a coffee, and settle back into some writing. I can almost smell the coffee. While I haven’t been writing (click here to find out why not), I’ve set myself another small goal – … Continue reading

Help Me! I Need to Choose a Title.

This post is a bit off subject, in that it relates to my first book, but I am posting it because I need some advice – and soon! From almost day one I had a working title for my first book that I thought I was happy with. The publisher has told me that they have reservations … Continue reading

Excuse or Reason? Why I’m not writing

There are hundred of blog posts online about the benefit of writing every day. You’ll find the same advice in writing books, and on creative writing courses. It’s accepted as a given. You need to write every day to improve the flow and the quality of your writing. There are also hundreds of posts online … Continue reading