Hi and welcome,

I am a new author and a mum. A few years ago I started writing when I completed the online Basics of Writing Course with the New Zealand Writer’s College. Before that, I hadn’t written much at all, with the exception of copious business reports in a previous career as a Financial Systems consultant, and barely-remembered school essays on fascinating subjects such as what I did during the summer holidays! But I do love to read.

In 2012, I wrote a children’s novel – a 44,000 word book aimed at middle graders. It won the 2014 Storylines Tom Fitzgibbon award and will be published by Scholastic in 2015. Since finishing my first book, I’ve started writing a YA novel and a chick lit novel, but for now I am putting both of those projects on hold to write a follow up book to my first.

I hope that charting my writing journey will give other new writers (and readers too) an idea of what is involved in writing a book and getting it published, and provide plenty of helpful advice along the way.

Of course, being mum to two school-aged children means that life has a habit of getting in the way but I’ll try to post once a month.

SJ Main.

If you would like to contact me privately, please fill in the form below:

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    • Hi and thanks. Just tried to follow you back on twitter but got a message that you’re blocking me. It’s weird because it’s happened a few times in the past couple of days that I go to follow someone back and twitter tells me I’m blocked which makes no sense. I assume its a twitter fault. Anyway I’ll follow your blog.

      • I see how you are SJ, just blame it on the block, just blame it on the block.

        Once you reach 2000 in your followings the rules change. I don’t totally understand how to get around them yet. I was following over 2000 people but I was 1000 but between followers and following, so I delete about 400 people, so could follow some other people. Meh- I don’t quite understand the hole system, but anyway, thanks for responding you successful newb- you.

      • You were right – it was the limit thing. The error message is different on my phone app to the computer. Technology! Found your blog, love your writing and happy to meet a fellow 40-something parent getting into writing.

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