A Whine, a Wine and Writer’s Nights

The research on the new book is coming along nicely now. I’ve spent the past week reading a great book called ‘Death from the Skies! The Science Behind the End of the World’ by Philip Plait. It is a great read and packed with information about how the universe can kill us – I loved it! In some weird way that I didn’t expect, it put my life and petty worries into perspective.

My news for this week is that I have a writing buddy. She’s a friend who I met on a weekend, novel-writing course about 18 months ago. She has had her first novel – a killer action story – completely outlined for a while now but has been frustrated with trying to get the writing of it underway. A few weeks ago, we were out for a catch up, both of us bemoaning over wine and tapas that busy lives were getting in the way of writing. Then my friend suggested a plan – why not get together for one or two nights a week to write, taking turns to host each other?

I couldn’t see any downside so, with a clink of glasses, we decided to give it a go. To date, we have had two successful writing evenings, getting together with our laptops and just writing. No sharing of work, no critiquing, not even much talking. We just work.

The benefits to having a writing buddy are many. The obvious one is that it forces me to block out time that can only be used for writing. As a busy mum, a whole host of time-sucking activities seem to bulldoze their way into my calendar, pushing my writing time off into the land of perpetual tomorrows. And that’s assuming I got as far as scheduling it in my calendar in the first place! Now that someone else is involved, I have to schedule in writing like I would a dental appointment.

The second thing I love about having a writing buddy is the companionship. Writing can be very isolating, and there is something comforting about having someone to share the experience with, even though we are tapping away quietly on our respective laptops and not communicating.

Of course, some communication does happen over the course of the evening, and having the opportunity to hang out with another writer is also an opportunity to give and receive support. That support and encouragement is important to me, it’s a large part of why this blog exists, and why so many of us writers join together in online communities.


11 thoughts on “A Whine, a Wine and Writer’s Nights

  1. Hi Suzanne,
    I think it’s great you have found a buddy that works. My sister is kind of my buddy only we have several seas separating us so it’s not ideal! I have a good writer’s group, but there is something in having that partner that you trust and can exchange ideas, thoughts. Good luck with the new book!

  2. Hi Suzanne,
    I agree about having a writing friend. It helps in so many ways. I have found when having a problem with writing, a buddy is often the best way to sort it out. Someone to bounce a problem or idea off. I have a few friends I talk to sort out the odd problem, and just chatting makes such sense.

    The important part of writing is to block out time on your diary, and then stick to it. When I look at my monthly schedule, the first thing I do is put in my writing time, then writing critique group. Next come husband time, family time (children etc,) reading time and friend time. The rest fits in around that. The important thing is – it all works out, it fits in. If anything is going to go by the board, it’s tv time. It makes for a rich life.

    I must admit, it sounds easier than it is. Sometimes I get a bit despondent when the story doesn’t do what I think it should, but that’s when writing buddies come into the picture.

  3. Thanks for your comments everyone. I feel really lucky that I have a lot of supportive people in my life: family, friends, writers and of course on-line in the blogging and twitter communities.

  4. What a wonderful idea. I’m just getting back into writing, having put my completed rough draft away for too long now and I sure could use a buddy. I’m planning on joining a writers group in my area soon, so hopefully something will come of that. I’m happy to have found your blog, as I love reading about how other author’s deal with the writing life.

    • Thanks for following Catherine – I’m sure I can provide you with lots of ‘how not to’ moments as I struggle to get my book written! Best of luck to you getting back into your writing, and also with finding a buddy and a great writers group.

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