Posted in February 2013

A Whine, a Wine and Writer’s Nights

The research on the new book is coming along nicely now. I’ve spent the past week reading a great book called ‘Death from the Skies! The Science Behind the End of the World’ by Philip Plait. It is a great read and packed with information about how the universe can kill us – I loved … Continue reading

How Not to Research – A Cautionary Tale

Sometimes (like right now) I wish my legs were longer, and bendier, just so I could kick my own backside. Over the school holidays here in New Zealand I have done zero writing. Fair enough, I justified to myself, it is hard to get into the mental space to write when your days are filled … Continue reading

Liebster Award

Thanks to Meredith at (he blogs, writes and designs games – how cool is that?) for nominating my blog for the Liebster award and saying nice things about me. The Liebster Award is intended for new blogs  (particularly those with 200 or less followers) to raise their profile. According to the rules I have to post 11 random facts about myself, answer … Continue reading