Beginning before The Beginning – Before Writing

My first (and only) novel was finished in August 2012. As I typed the final words I was overwhelmed by a myriad of emotions – relief, exhaustion, sadness, anxiety (was it good enough?) and last (and strangely, least) happiness. It had taken me ten months to write a 44,000 word children’s novel from that special moment when I typed my first word onto a blank screen.

Looking back over the time I was writing, I wished I had kept a journal of the process. So much happened. There were plunging lows; like the period after I sent my first few chapters to a writing mentor. Days of dread followed; I was convinced that I had embarrassed myself by sending dreadful rubbish to an experienced writer. The midpoint of the book was another low; I wasn’t sure what should happen next in my story, and felt like giving up writing. There were soaring highs: the elation I felt when I got an enthusiastic thumbs up from my mentor for those first few chapters – she loved them; or when my son read a humourous part of the book and laughed out loud. The list goes on and on … there are so many practical and emotional aspects to writing a book that I couldn’t write them all down in one small blurb.

As I start out on my second book, I don’t expect the experience to be much different. Sure, I will have lived through the emotions and decision points before, but they will still be there (possibly not as intense the second time around). What will be different is that I will chart the process as I go, sharing both the emotional and practical aspects of trying to write a book as a relatively inexperienced novelist, while living a busy life.

Coming soon… I’ll share my new book idea: what’s it about, the audience I’ll be aiming it at, how I plan to get started.

Follow my blog to take part in this writing adventure and feel free to leave me comments or ask questions.

For more info on me, my life, and my previous book – check out my About page.


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