Learning to Kill my Darlings

When I first started out writing I saw a writing tip from Stephen King that said, ‘Kill Your Darlings.’ It must have been on one of those lists, you know the ones I mean; 20 Most Important Tips for Writers. That sort of thing. At the time I figured the advice was specific to the … Continue reading

Happy Endings

A while ago I wrote a post on the heart-breaking experience I’d had trying to get my first book published. I’d become involved with a partner publishing programme that didn’t work out (click here for details) and lost a lot of money and hope. Eventually I reached the point where I couldn’t face doing anything … Continue reading

Does Twitter Sell Books? An Unscientific Study

I love technology. I really do. Last year when I thought my book was going to be published (before the publishing company went pear-shaped) I set up a twitter account and happily set about building up a following, employing a combination of automated tweets (using Tweetadder), and personal engagement from the Twitter application on my smart phone. … Continue reading

Not Worth the Paper it’s Written On

Wow, it’s been 6 months since my last post when I was struggling with personal issues that were sapping my time and energy. But time moves on and circumstances change, mostly for the better, except … For a while I had been updating the release date of my first book on this site. It’s a children’s book … Continue reading

When Words Won’t Come

It’s been a few weeks since I managed a post. In that time a lot has happened within my family, with the break up of my sister’s marriage and the diagnosis of my mum with breast cancer, coming in very rapid succession. In both cases I have every reason to believe that the eventual outcome will be positive and, for now at … Continue reading

When is Enough, Enough? Researching Fiction

For the past couple of weeks I have carried on with research, trying to determine exactly what catastrophe will have hit the earth of my post-apocolyptic novel, and what exactly the impact on Earth of that catastrophe would be. I want my disaster to be a solar or astral event or a combination of these. … Continue reading

The Next Best Thing

Thank you to the lovely Gwen over at The 4 a.m. Writer for this award- check her out! This award is called The Next Best Thing and is an opportunity to discuss your ‘next best thing’ book before you nominate someone else, and pass the award on. Since this blog is all about the trials and … Continue reading

A Whine, a Wine and Writer’s Nights

The research on the new book is coming along nicely now. I’ve spent the past week reading a great book called ‘Death from the Skies! The Science Behind the End of the World’ by Philip Plait. It is a great read and packed with information about how the universe can kill us – I loved … Continue reading

How Not to Research – A Cautionary Tale

Sometimes (like right now) I wish my legs were longer, and bendier, just so I could kick my own backside. Over the school holidays here in New Zealand I have done zero writing. Fair enough, I justified to myself, it is hard to get into the mental space to write when your days are filled … Continue reading

Liebster Award

Thanks to Meredith at https://mpskydog.wordpress.com (he blogs, writes and designs games – how cool is that?) for nominating my blog for the Liebster award and saying nice things about me. The Liebster Award is intended for new blogs  (particularly those with 200 or less followers) to raise their profile. According to the rules I have to post 11 random facts about myself, answer … Continue reading